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Second hand bookstore owner reunites a long lost letter penned by dying mom to her daughter, and moves the person to tears of happiness.


Even in the hi-tech age of emailing, fax and other modes of electronic communication, something as simple as letter-writing has the power to evoke a lot of emotion. And recently, the owner of a second hand bookstore, Gordon Draper, took note of the power of letters in an emphatic way.   …

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Meet The Most Hated Man On Instagram, After Watching His Snaps You Will Hate Him More


Travers Beynon is the most hated person on Instagram, he call himself ‘The Candyman’.  He is always seen with his flashy cars, plentiful parties with bikini hot babes and notoriously arches his wife about by her bikini string. He was hopeful soccer brilliant with a mullet then he modified himself into a high-end appearance …

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